To Tell A Tale

After years of my imagination misplacing my attention at the most inopportune times (Oops! That exit was twenty miles back! or Sorry Pastor, what you were saying got me to thinking just a bit off topic) I’ve been challenged to see if I have what it takes to make the switch. Switch from being a person who likes to write to being a writer. Someone who actually completes the story.

So, how do I go about learning the “craft” of writing a novel, and then get it done? How do I keep my priorities–God, family, health, home, writing–in their proper order? How about joining me as I start this journey?

On this page, I’ll be posting what I am up to. How I am attempting to organize my day. What I am doing to learn. How much I am actually getting down on paper. You can laugh at my attempts, be shocked at how slow (or quick?) a learner I am, or cheer me on. I may even give some sneak peaks into the book itself. Feedback is always welcome!

What does the squirrel in headlights picture above have to do with any of this? Aside from looking like I feel? Nothing. 🙂