Saludos from Mexico!

I hail you from the sandy shore of Cabo San Lucas!

Behind me the resort is built into the ragged rocky cliffs of arid mountains edged by a sandy shore. Fishermen troll close to the water’s edge. Between the water and where I sit, red flags warn swimmers to stay back. No swimming allowed. We are told the shelf of land drops off sharply just a few feet from the shoreline. Homes of spectacular scale cram into the nooks and crannies of the westerly cliff, sand colored boulders outlined in black with occasional patches of green. Misty sprays of water crashing on rock are highlighted in the glow of the setting sun. So far, it is nothing too dramatic, yellow tinged wisps of clouds curl against the cerulean blue of the sky. Serene. Peaceful, even with the crash of waves.

Here I am. Basking in all of it. The call of the waves and heat of the sun always feels like home, the familiar, comforting sounds of childhood.

I don’t have anything philosophical to talk about today, too tired from the long day of travel. Just luxuriating in my surroundings.

I got a phone call late Thursday afternoon from my husband at work. His office has planned this long weekend to a resort and one of his employees was unable to go. They tried everyone they could think of, but were having a hard time finding a passport owning replacement. Imagine that? Would I care to go? (This trip is Doug’s turn to stay home and cover call for the patients while the other docs have their turn vacationing with staff.) I don’t usually travel to far off places without my husband, but what kind of wife would I be to say no to such a dire need?

Finisterra is an all-inclusive, (fairly) luxury resort, not our usual vacationing style. But hey, it’s important to be flexible, right? The rooms are spacious; staff are eager to help—unless you want a straw for your drink. Then they practice an uncanny skill at avoiding your eye. Maybe they are running low, or, perhaps trying to promote their eco-friendly claims and everyone knows straws are bad for the environment.

Let me soak this in a bit longer, observe and learn what I can. Maybe I will have something more to say in a few days.

It may be time to head indoors. The sun is almost gone, and the little sand gnats are coming out.

Yep. Feels like childhood.

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