When Anna Marie’s twin sister, Adeline, disappears, Anna will do anything to find her.

When that search plunges her to Civil War, Missouri, she has so much more at stake than finding her sister.

Will she survive as a wartime refugee? Can she help protect the family that takes her in? Can she learn what love really is? Will she ever find a song of her own?

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Sofia's Beauty:

Cries From the Earth, Book 2

Gold Medal Winner for 2023 Christian Book Award

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Despite enduring abuse at the hands of her husband, Sofia refuses to leave him. Having grown up in poverty, she vows she will never be destitute again.

Will she discover her true identity as a daughter of God?

Will she accept forgiveness or will her desire for revenge hold her back?


Cries From the Earth, Book 3

Now Available

April 9, 1864, and Missouri is ravaged by bloodshed. Lee surrendered. The war is over  They survived the war. But hell pursues the wicked.

Filled with grief and inner turmoil, Jacob is haunted by survivor’s guilt and angry with God. Desperate for a reason to live, he discovers an unexpected lifeline in the pages of a Bible and from a mysterious woman who resides solely in his dreams. Her pain echoes his own, and sharing the melody she sings brings him hope and a sense of some greater purpose.

As Jacob follows the path laid before him, he unwittingly tumbles forward through time to 2013 and a world very different from his own.

Will Jacob’s path lead him to find the peace he seeks? What of this mysterious woman whose melody fills his dreams? Is he losing touch with reality? Or is she flesh and blood?

Be transported from the war-torn past to the enigmatic realms of the present. As Jacob’s journey unfolds, his entwined destiny with the girl from his dreams beckons, leaving us eagerly longing for the answers that lie just beyond his grasp.


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